速中彩票开户奥丁(上海)消防设备有限公司是一家专注于消防泵的研发、生产及销售的科技型企业。以提供伟大的消防产品和英雄式的服务速中彩票开户为使命,奥丁始终致力于打造具备核心知识产权的消防泵系列产品。国内研发和生产基地设立于上海,海外公司设立于美国德克萨斯的奥斯汀 速中彩票开户。

Odin Fire has been developing high reliability, high performance fire pumps. Inspired by the mission of offering great fire suppression products and heroic customer service, Odin Fire is focused solely on innovating and manufacturing world-class fire pumps using the latest technology. The R & D center and production base are located in Shanghai China and the oversea branch is based in Austin, Texas, USA.

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